In this first video of a full Intro to C# video series, Scott Hanselman and Kendra Havens review the basics of C# from building a simple Hello World application to knowing about Object Oriented Programming with Microsoft experts! Watch the entire series here -

This short introductory video series on the Visual Studio IDE (Interactive Developer Environment), VS expert, Kendra Havens, gives a quick overview of Visual Studio, Installation, and some great productivity tips!

A series of videos Introducing users to Visual Studio for Mac, download it now here -

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Discover the world of .NET Core with experts like Scott Hanselman and Kendra Havens from Microsoft that walk you through the ins and outs of "What is .NET" and how to publish your very first application!

Why use containers? Docker is a way to package and distribute your applications with all its dependencies. Get started using Docker tooling for Visual Studio and learn how to publish your web app in this Introduction to Containers (Docker) video series!